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The in-flight advertising point‑of‑purchase display unit

  • Maximise Impact
  • Maximise Display
  • Maximise Sales
  • Advertise offers and incentives at eyelevel
  • Ideal for food, beverage or gift service
  • Recycled cardboard design — quick and easy-to-use
  • Stored in standard cart drawer — no stowage issues
  • Lightweight — no impact on fuel consumption

Introducing CartMax

CartMax is a dynamic new way to generate ancillary revenue using the in-flight cart. It is an extension of the surface area inside the cabin which can be used to promote a meal deal, loyalty card, in-flight gifts or a new route. It can even be used to entice an advertiser to sponsor an airline's entire fleet. It's an exciting new means of maximising revenue.

CartMax is a lightweight, recycled cardboard insert that simply lines a standard cart drawer. This means no extra space is needed for stowage and stock levels on board the aircraft remain the same. There's also no impact on fuel consumption.

CartMax provides a consistent sales and marketing tool on every aircraft, on every flight, on every day of the week.

How it works

  1. Fold the pre-printed cardboard to shape and line an empty drawer.
  2. Pack the drawer with products as before.
  3. Stow in cart.
  4. Remove the drawer when ready for service.
  5. Unfold 3 display panels.
  6. CartMax is ready to sell.

People shop with their eyes

Maximise your sales marketing at the passenger's eyelevel with CartMax

To find out how CartMax can maximise sales during in-flight service call +44 (0) 1279 215186